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Swindon Founders is a regular meet-up for people based in Swindon & Wiltshire who have been, are, or want to be tech start-up founders. We aim to connect local entrepreneurs with co-founders and other like-minded people as well as tech investors to create an informal support network.

Our focus is on scalable and disruptive tech businesses. We welcome entrepreneurs and tech investors with open arms, but discourage freelancers, consultants, lawyers and other service providers unless they have a genuine interest in founding or mentoring start-up businesses. 

We have a strict 'no selling' rule at our events, but do get in touch if you'd like to know more about the Tech Swindon community as we might have another way for you to engage.

The format of the meet-ups is very casual. Turn up, sign in and get a name badge, grab a drink and get to know fellow founders.

February is all about the serious business of security - as technology evolves so do the challenges of keeping users safe online, and each development adds a new level of complexity - and a new business opportunity.

We'll be interviewing two founders trying to keep us all safe online in an ever changing landscape - come along and find out more!

Desk, 4 Devizes Road
Swindon , Wiltshire
Tickets: Free

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