Bnew college CPID

Course Details:

Business Issues and the Context of Human Resources

  • Resource and Talent Planning
  • Managing and Coordinating the HR Function
  • Developing Professional Practice
  • Using Information in Human Resources
  • Employment Engagement

Timings and Assessments:

  • 44 weeks, Thursdays 6.00pm until 9.00pm
  • Starts on 27th September 2018

For each unit, there is a written assignment of approximately 3600 words comprising of a number of parts.

Assessment activities will be assessed by the trainer who delivered that unit and will be graded as ‘Pass’ or ‘Refer’.  If an assessment activity is referred, you will be given feedback to support you in reaching the necessary level of competence required to pass this element.  You will need to pass each element in order to pass the unit. You will need to successfully pass each unit in order to achieve the full qualification.  Successful completion contributes to achieving Associateship of the CIPD

Cost: £1,850

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