Swindon College Foundation Degree

Course Details:

The course runs for two years full-time and combines classroom study with work-based learning. Days are organised as follows:

  • One day a week per academic year (Sept - July) attending taught sessions at Swindon College.
  • Sixteen hours a week or more in workplace learning is a required minimum throughout the year.

The course consists of units of study called modules. Taught sessions will contain core content and you will also have the opportunity to customise your 'pathway' during the course. With the support of your tutors, you will be able to identify work-based outcomes that reflect and respond to your individual role and employment needs.

You will attend classes that include:

  • study skills
  • science for health and social care
  • social and welfare systems
  • legal and ethical aspects of care
  • research and evidence.

50 per cent of the course is work-based learning and 50 per cent is taught in college.

The teaching and learning you experience will:

  • Introduce you to and encourage you to engage in new areas of knowledge. You will also be given the opportunity to broaden and deepen your existing knowledge.
  • Encourage you to engage in critical analysis of concepts, theories and practice and to test your analysis against perceived understandings and practices.
  • Give you the opportunity to acquire practical experience in a range of activities relevant to your role in the health and social care environment.
  • Encourage you to engage in critical reflection. You will be asked to reflect on new knowledge and understanding and on your own learning experiences.

Throughout the course you will be expected to practise presentation skills, learn how to pass on information in an appropriate manner and work on producing education aids using IT skills. The majority of the course is taught in seminar groups, and in small groups in clinical skills laboratories.

Course Length: 2 Years

Start Date:
Sep 2018

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