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Luke's story

"I am 24 years of age and before enrolling onto the Digital Marketer apprenticeship, I had previously held customer service and admin roles across a few local companies.

After completing Business Studies at Swindon New College, I wasn’t sure what jobs were available and to be honest I just wanted to get a job and earn, signing up to a job agency to secure work. My aim was always to work hard and impress, looking for an opportunity that would help me progress and further my career.

You may wonder why I hadn’t explored a marketing role sooner, and it really came down to my lack of confidence. I have always had an interest in marketing, but thought that a degree would be required to pursue my dream job. Being a person who learns better in a practical rather than a theoretical way, university was not an option for me.

"If I had known about the apprenticeship route when I left college, I would have certainly enrolled right there and then."

With a few years of work experience now behind me, a digital marketing apprenticeship opportunity arose within my organisation. Already employed by the company, I explored further what it would mean being an apprentice aged 24. Once I knew more about it, I jumped at the chance when they offered me the role, giving me a stepping stone to achieve my career aspirations, an aspiration, I wrongly thought was out of my reach.

My role as a customer service advisor has really helped me in my digital marketing apprenticeship, it has provided me confidence and a better understanding of our customers’ needs through the 1000’s of conversations I have had, whether with a young person starting out on their career or someone in a senior role.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my apprenticeship so far, and learning whilst you are on the job is a key benefit. The apprenticeship is very practical, and I am getting real world work outcomes, which is very rewarding.

Only a few months into my new role and already I have been involved with some exciting projects, being actively encouraged to suggest new ideas and improvements to both new and existing campaigns. One great experience happened recently, when I had responsibility to live stream an event in London, which was very satisfying working with an experienced production team.

I am continuously supported by my employer and training provider to ensure that I meet the apprenticeship key competencies, behaviours and knowledge, helping prepare me for final assessment at the end of my apprenticeship.

I would like to specialise in the analytical side of digital marketing, this has always fascinated me as you can set business goals and track your progress, it could be driving more traffic to a campaign, influencing customers to buy something and just learning what you are doing well and not so well from the statistics that google analytics shows.

"My journey as an apprentice has just begun and in this short-time period I have already started to reap the benefits."

The new digital marketer apprenticeship standard sets out key competencies, knowledge and behaviours to be developed whilst on-programme. If I am successful in my apprenticeship then I will have full confidence in my ability, as I will have met and exceeded the standard that is required for a digital marketer.

My advice to anyone is that you should absolutely go ahead and enrol onto an apprenticeship, you will get real work experience, paid to learn and recognised qualifications, it could be your first step to an interesting career. I’m now on mine."

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