Girl in classroom

Joseph White, 19, is working at Avon Protection based in Melksham on a Higher Level

apprenticeship in ICT. He supports colleagues via the helpdesk across the world

including the USA, Italy and several UK sites.

Joseph shares his story:

“I attended Wiltshire College for two years completing Level 2 BTEC and Level 3 City

& Guilds in Information Technology. I enjoyed the courses a lot but felt I had

more to learn and wanted to continue into higher education. My Mum worked at

Wiltshire College and put me in touch with the department who dealt with

apprenticeships. I acquired more information on apprenticeships and found

what is now my current role on the Gov website. The application process was

simple regardless of the fact that I had no prior knowledge of apprenticeships. I was

interviewed and began my role in November, then my college course commenced in

January – but I already feel I have learnt more in these two months than I did in two

years at College.”

We asked Joseph what his future ambitions were and what would he tell others

about apprenticeships?

“After this two year course I will probably look to complete a degree and would

consider doing this via an apprenticeship at Level 5/6. My friend is actually

doing the same course as me, but full-time at college, which means they are paying

standard fees via student loans. I am lucky to be getting experience in the

workplace and learning about the business at the same time, which I may not

have had if I was enrolled full-time. I would say that this is a great benefit of an

apprenticeship, as well as the huge amount of work experience you get.”